Dr Abe Morgentaler (US) Urologist
  • Testosterone and Prostate cancer: A Conceptual Revolution
  • Testosterone Therapy: Advances and Controversies
Professor Leon Piterman (AU)
Professor of General Practice Monash University
Medicine: Is it Science or Art?
Dr Mark Donohoe (AU)
General & Integrative Medicine Practitioner
Dr Al Sears (US)
Medical Practitioner and Clinical Nutrition & Fitness Specialist
  • Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion (PACE) – The First Comprehensive Anti-Ageing Fitness Program
  • Unlocking the Secrets of the Telomere: The First Step to Reversing Ageing
Adjunct Prof Paul Taylor (AU)
Neuroscientist & Exercise Physiologist
Shift Happens – the effects of a workplace wellness program on physical health, disease risk and psychological wellbeing.
Mr Malcolm Linsell (AU) Plastic Surgeon I Love My Kids…And I Want My Body Back!
Manuela Malaguti-Boyle (AU) Integrative Oncology Practitioner
Environmental Pollutants as Risk Factors for Neurodegenerative Disorders: Alzheimer Disease
Dr Andrew Heyman (US) Medical Practitioner & Natural Therapies Expert
  • Integrated Medicine: Industry Trends and Professional Opportunities
  • Understanding the Stress, Thyroid Hormone Connection & Prioritising Systems
Dr James Wilson (US)
Doctor Naturopathic Medicine
The Role of Adrenal Fatigue in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia
Adjunct Professor Louis Vitetta (AU)
Research Scientist, Adjunct Professor, University of Sydney
Bacteria and Humans: a Symbiotic Preservation of Tolerance,
Attenuating Pathogenicity in Favour of Survival.
Mark Newman (US)
Medical Scientist and Clinical Researcher
A Research-based Comparison of Reproductive Hormone Measurements – Sifting Through Serum, Urine, and Saliva Maze for Clarity.
Dr Ian Dettman (AU)
Vitamin B12 therapy – methylcobalamin, hydroxocobalamin or cyanocobalamin?
Gal Strasberg (AU)
Dean’s Scholars Research Honours Program
Viagra (Sildenafil): A Erection That Changed Direction
Kristen Comella (US)
Researcher & Medical Scientist
Current Practises for In-Clinic Cellular Therapy
Chiza Westcarr (AU)
Dermal Therapist
Managing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation risks in Ethnic skins
Marina Holt (AU) Compounding Pharmacist Evaluation and Case Report of a Muco-adhesive Polymer Gel
Dr Praveen Kumar (AU)
Cosmetic Surgeon
Injectables and Ageing – Current and Developing Technologies
Dr Tania Ash (AU)
General & Integrative Medicine Practitioner
Neuroquant Cerebral MRI: the evolution of radiological documentation of brain injury changes to clarify diagnosis and pathology in the Biotoxin illnesses of Tick-Borne Co-infections and Mould Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome
Gina Thompson (US)
Medical Skincare Specialist
Building the Bridge – Clinical Integration of Aesthetic Products and Services in a Medical Practice
Samuel Peek US)
Marketing & Social Media Expert
The Three-Dimensional Brand: Attract, Convert & Retain More Patients By Humanising Your Online Presence.
Dr Nigel Johnson (AU)Medical Practitioner & Skin Cancer Specialist Uro-Gynecology Physiotherapy – How to use Tecar Therapy technology to treat chronic pelvic pain and other common Urological and Gynecological pathologies non-invasively
Dr Rhona Creegan
(AU) PhD BSc Biomedical Science Master of Nutrition Medicine MSc Clinical Biochemistry
Dinner to DNA – The Recipe and Ingredients for Obesity
Mr Michael Zacharia (AU)
ENT / Facial Plastic Surgeon
Neck Remodelling With Absorbable Threads. A New Procedure Using A Combination Of Ineedle And Meso Cogs Micro-Suturing Threads.
Dr Richard Hogben (AU) Cosmetic Medical Practitioner Two new minimally invasive thread lifting techniques for the ageing face utilising absorbable threads to restore facial volume, reduce wrinkles and redefine facial features.
Ms Mara Bontempo-Ross (AU)
Aesthetics Trainer
Introducing A Non-Aggressive Trichloroacetic (Tca 34%) Peel Formulation That Stimulates The Deeper Dermis Without Damage To The Surface Layer Resulting In No Downtime For The Patient
Dr Kamal Karl (NZ)
Integrative Medical Practitioner
Key Genetic Polymorphisms for Personalised Nutrition
Dr Xanya Sofra (US)Medical Scientist & Researcher Biological Time Reversal Mechanisms and Electromagnetic Resonance
Dr Kasen Somana (AU)
Cosmetic Dentist
Form follows function – An integrated approach to aesthetic medicine- the missing link
Mr Ian Holten (AU)
Plastic Surgeon
A Light Bulb Moment: Medical and Cosmetic Applications of Radiofrequency Needling and Photobiomodulation on Facial Skin
Dr Ashley Granot (AU) Cosmetic Surgeon Clitorial Hood, Hymen and Labia – Controversies in Surgical Treatments
Ms Shari Liby
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers
Medical Legal Issues Facing the Integrative, Aesthetic, and Anti-Ageing Practitioner
Mr Warren Maginn
Clinical Nutritionist
How is ‘Evidence Based Medicine’ Put into Practice?
Dr Vikram Jayaprakash
Cosmetic Physician
The Role of Platelet Rich Plasma in Hair Restoration: An Easily Reproducible and Effective Therapy for the Treatment of Hair Loss
Ms Natalie Buckman
Optometry Research
Intense Pulsed Light Treatment: A Modern Technology in Evaporative Dry Eye
Dr Peter Lewis
Sports Medicine Physician
Use of Stem Cells and PRP in Musculoskeletal Conditions